Harry Styles AU Meme: Harry is the school geek and has been bullied his whole life. On the last day of school he finally plucks up the courage to ask out the girl of his dream. But after he gets turned down and the laughing stock of the school he finally decides to change his looks and become who everyone wants him to be.

Harry gave himself an approving look in mirror, his whole life he never cared about his looks, it was all about the schoolwork. But now it was finally his time to shine, he looked good.


"Who is he? He’s hot!” The girls cooed from the corner, unable to recognise the young man. His features were familiar yet none of them could distinguish who he was.

As the gentleman came towards them, he instantly become recognisable, each of them unable to talk until he drew up directly in front of them.
"You know…" Harry spoke "I spent my whole school life wanting you, And I now see the light. You always want something you can’t have. And I could never have you, and I knew it. But do you know why, I can’t have you because you’re not good enough for me, you’re a sour faced bitch who only judges on looks. You don’t need to be ridiculously good looking and handsome, sometimes you need to look inside someone to see the beauty, and that’s where you went wrong. Because you know something, you lose"